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3DXChat Builder – Anaganda

3DXChat Builder – Anaganda

3DXChat Builder – Anaganda

3DXChat Builder - Anaganda

It is just a sexy exotic name that fits a succubus.

I joined 3dx chat on April 2016.

Back then I was adamant about just trying it for a month then leaving… but well, I am still here almost 8 years later.

When I was bored of all the sex, I built a little here and there (yes back when we used to stack tables to make floor)… and never stopped since.

Although I only build when an idea comes to my head that inspires or excites me.. for me there is no button that I can just press and then go into build mode.

The HellGate is the closest to my heart simply because it is my first build using the world editor… there is also the SteamQueen… and last but not least Rock My Pussy, which currently opens every Monday at 20:00 CET and hosted by Lucia.

I do not think that one can have a favorite builder, but there are a few whose work inspire me and push me to do better… amongst them are Torax, Redji & Manyasha, LukeM who sadly quite some years ago and SweetTia.

I think my fastest build was 20 hours… that was the -Erotic bathhouse-
the build I spent the most time on was the -Steam Queen-, I lost count of the hours really because it happened in parts over 2 years… but let us say 100+ hours

I love you and your good taste in builders 😉

I can rate it only from a builder’s side… and the fact that it exists in a good operational form alone is enough for me to give it a good rating… not to mention the amazing customer support… and I hear there are new things coming… so can only wait and see.

A photo of me in the -Erotic bathhouse-, taken by KlaraX

The SteamQueen

opening night... photo by SmirkyPhoenix