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3DXChat Builder – JemimaSilky

3DXChat Builder – JemimaSilky

3DXChat Builder – JemimaSilky

3DXChat Builder - JemimaSilky

My name is old and comes from another game – I have had it 8 years

a) City of NoviSad, Serbia (a personal fam map)

b) SABLE KEECH, my personal starship

c) Rockstar Island (a shop item – luxury island mansion and a very popular seller)
(see attached pics)



Who is your favorite builder? I dont have one – there are several names of note who possess an exceptional grasp of the editor and the art of building – Bonnie Monella, Valkyrie (clubs), Jessikah (the Gothic), Organ (detailing), Shiraz (Style and Atmosphere) & my protege Sidebou (detailing and feel)

How long is a piece of string? 😛 It truly depends upon what the client has asked for, or the criteria I have set for myself on a shop item build.

Yes – keep watching what I do – I aim to bring u the best quality at competitive prices and to innovate wherever possible. If u have questions come find me and ask. I truly appreciate your support and patronage xx Jem

And will you recommend Store to others? Yes 100%

Special Moment 1 Me landing a 90lb fish from the Danube River in 'The Fishing Game' (and beating my husbands previous score 😛 )

Special Moment 2 During testing the newly released teleports, my bestie Kristina got stuck in the ketchup tube LMAO (she was not amused LOL)

Special Moment 3 Marc plays off with a wood during golf at Majister Hotel 9 holes links 😛



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