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All Day Foreplay is Crucial to Great Sex – Here is How You Do It

All Day Foreplay is Crucial to Great Sex – Here is How You Do It

All Day Foreplay is Crucial to Great Sex – Here is How You Do It

If you want your woman to have an amazing sexual experience, you should not only limit this to a short time in bed or even one or a few hours during the evening.

Instead, you want to build up as much sexual excitement and seduce her for as long as possible. Way before before the sexual act itself begins.

This is the meaning of All Day Foreplay, and it’s just as important for amazing sex as what you do in the bedroom.

To learn all about how you create an All-Day Foreplay that your woman will love, just continue reading.

All-Day Foreplay if you are in a Relationship

In fact, seducing your partner and building up the tension between you is not only important for single sexual experiences. If you are in a relationship and want a good sex life, this is something you should use and incorporate into your everyday life.

Unfortunately, it’s common for men in relationships to forget about or not even bother with seducing their women. Since they have already “won her over,” they no longer have to concern themselves with such things. Something that could not be more wrong.

What All-Day Foreplay is and Why Your Woman Will Appreciate It

To seduce your woman and build up a proactive sexual dynamic between you and her is something you do by using all-day foreplay. A kind of foreplay that is so much more than just sexual. It includes things like romance, emotional intimacy, and the type of stuff that defines you as the man in a sexual relationship.

This may not be something you see as part of foreplay, but for many women, these psychological aspects are at least as important as the physical ones. They make her feel like an attractive woman in a sexual relationship and confident in her sexuality. Things that will make her open up sexually and easier experience amazing orgasms with you.

To seduce your woman and create a sexual dynamic in your relationship, you can experiment with the following:

All-Day Foreplay Tips

During the day, passionately kiss your woman, stroke her hair, and act physically loving and affectionate.

Seduce her again as if it was the first day you met, talk about times gone by and times that will come, and how much you like spending your time with her.

Act like a gentleman, open doors, help her in and out of the car, help her put on her coat, and give her flowers. Or send her flowers to her workplace, along with a card describing the evening’s plans.

Surprise kiss her in non-sexual places during everyday occasions when she least expects a kiss to be coming.

Talk to her about hopes and inner dreams, dance slow and sensual with her in the living room, make a romantic dinner, or invite her to dinner while telling her that after dinner, you want to return home and have passionate sex.

Invite her to a date no matter how long you’ve been together.

Prepare the bedroom with rose petals.

Pay attention to her and all the little things your different senses react to, and let your woman hear and see this. Give her little kisses in places where you know she appreciates them, and tell her you can hardly wait until you are together in bed again.

Touch her sensually and with confidence, take up space, and open up your body language when you are intimate with your woman. Tell her what an amazing ass she has, and give her a little spank.

Take a hot and romantic bath together.

Hold her hand, and let her know how sexy and beautiful she is.

Ask her to show her breasts and tell her how much you love them.

Talk about all the little things you appreciate about her body and make her feel good about herself and her body.

Hold your arm around her while you think of all the amazing orgasms she will experience when the evening comes.

Look with love and desire deep into her eyes, as well as power and sexual confidence. Describe to her graphically all the things you plan to do with her and how you plan to make her come when the evening arrives.

If you and your woman are in different places, for example, at work or studies, sexy messages are very effective for building up sexual excitement. In these, you can talk about exactly which ones of her body parts you can’t stop thinking about, or what you want to do with her when you meet and that you can’t wait. Don’t be afraid to use graphic language in these messages.

Create a Unique Sexual Energy Between You

Along with all of the above, you also want to be nonjudgmental and positive. In this way, you gain her sexual confidence, and she will feel a unique kind of positive sexual energy with you.

If you notice that, for some reason, your woman doesn’t feel comfortable with all-day foreplay, it means you need to work on it. Slowly build it up more and more. Bring her into your reality where you are the man in a relationship with her. A beautiful, sexy, and sexual woman.

A Bonus Foreplay Tip – The Non-Sexual Foreplay

If you want to treat your woman to a very unique experience, you can treat her to a Non-Sexual Foreplay. This means that you sometimes take a whole foreplay and focus on all the “non-sexual” parts of your woman’s body.

Deliberately avoid the traditionally sexual parts of your woman and all the parts that you, from previous experiences, know create powerful reactions.

As this is so unusual and contradictory, it will make your woman feel pleasure in a way she has never previously felt. Your woman will love that you’re taking the time for this. It is also possible that you will find erogenous zones that neither of you were aware existed.

For more on Foreplay, you can check out my posts: the ultimate foreplay guide and foreplay techniques and sexual teasing.

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