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Creators Help Guides

Before you consider joining 3DXChat Store to begin your exciting journey as a Creator (Seller). You shall read through the Terms & Conditions carefully. So that you understand 3DXChat Store’s principle. 

3DXChat Store is not a purely money driven store but a place to let Creators (3DXChat builders) to comfortably present their builds with a value that they deemed to be appreciated. 

To build something great in 3DXChat takes enormous time, efforts, creativity and a lot of trial and error in order to achieve the final result. Every Creator has their own style and patterns and that make it unique. 

Despite of all the hardwork, Creators shall always be grateful to anyone that agree to the value and pay money to purchase the build. Always respect the customer and strive the best to be an integrity, honest and talented Creator here with 3DXChat Store. 

The following chapters may help you to set up your store for the first time. If you have any question please do not hesitate to email us or contact us at Discord with @Sweettia. 

Last but not least, wish you enjoy the Store and all the best in your sales journey here!

Thank you for reading and yes let’s begin!

Note : 3DXChat Store is an independent website and not associate with 3DXChat Official in any terms or agreement. 

Setting up the 3dxchat store can be very easy as long as you have pre selling experience before. But if this is the first time you encounter store selling features, please take some good time to read about it. 

After you successfully registered and verified, you can access to Store feature via ‘Creator Dashboard‘ at the site Top Bar.

3dxchatstore store set up guide

From here you will your left menu stated all feature you needed to run your store. Let’s get started :

  1. Set up your Store Logo and Banner
    • Go to Left menu > Setting. (Explore the tab step by step as shown below)
    • Store . Here you can set up your Store name, upload your Store logo and Banner. 
    • Location. It is optional. 
    • Payment. Our Store default payment is PayPal. You must make sure your PayPal Account is eligible to receive payments via any online sales. All customer payment goes INSTANTLY to your PayPal as 3dxchat store do not liable to hold any payment on behalf of seller. 
    • Customer Pay Option. Remember to check ‘PayPal’ if you are using our Store default payment. (If you have your own payment site and like the store to link to your payment link, we will include this topic in details at next chapter 3 ‘Upload your products‘ in the main Knowledgebase page. Please refer to that for more information. 
    • SEO. You can input your Facebook or Twitter at your choice. 
    • Customer Support. You can leave your preferred way of contacts. We usually recommended to use Discord in our 3dxchatstore discord server. 
    • Store Hours. You can put this info at your preference. 
    • Additional info. If you have any website would like showcase you can input your URL here. 

Woooof..you made it to this 3rd point. Good job!

So here is the important part, which is to upload your Products!

First go to your Creator Dashboard left menu > Products

You will see ‘Add New’ Button below your store logo at your upper right. Click to add new products. 

3dxchatstore upload product

Here when you click the first field you will see ‘Simple Product‘ and ‘External/Affiliate products‘ options. I will explain here further. 

3dxchatstore product upload guide

  1. Simple product. Means you upload your product file here on the store, and the payment option must choose Store payment default option too, which is PayPal. So all transaction and downloadable file will be performed in the Store to the customer. (And here i emphasis again, the payment automatically goes directly to Seller’s paypal account) 
  2. External/Affiliate products. Seller choose this when you don’t want to use PayPal or you have your own payment site link that you want to redirect customer to go to your site for payment when they click ‘check out’ in Store. This meaning your downloadable file will not be stored with 3dxchat store. And thus once customer is redirect to your site for payment, the file fulfillment will needed to be done from your site. 3DXChat Store held no liability towards your customers who failed to get file from your site, and if the customer complain, a refund to customer is necessary. 

3dxchatstore product upload guide

If your world file is upload with 3DXChatstore, and if customer couldn’t get the downloadable file due to technical issue, don’t worry, the store admin will double check if the customer get the file, or customer can inquire in our 3dxchat Store Discord server (#technical issue channel) or email us

So if you are the seller using External/Affiliate product options that redirect customer check out at your site, kindly set up your file fulfillment properly at your own website. 

Warning : There is risk that Paypal might close your Paypal account if they detected your sales from sexual related game. Choose your decision wisely and proceed. (We highly recommended the payment methods using URL link)

To set up your PayPal in the store, you can follow the guide below :

  1. Login to your PayPal account. Make sure your PayPal account is ‘Business account.’
  2. Go to your profile > Account setting > Account Access Tab > API Access , click ‘Update’.
  3. Then Choose ‘Manage API Credentials’
  4. If this is your first time request API, you will see this and click confirm to request your PayPal API.
  5. Click ‘Show’, and copy paste your PayPal Username, Password and Signature to your 3DXChat store payment setting.

Last but not least, we highly recommend you to test your own product by uploading a $1 test item to test your transaction.

Thank you!

Yes Mhm i added this section because i deemed its super important to maintain a good communication between every parties with politeness and friendly manners. 

3dxchat Store do not take any profit from any sales transaction thus we are really doing this for a silly passion and a desire to build and let more builders able to showcase their work either by free download (via www.3dxchatsharing.com) or want to generate some monetary value on their artworks. 

Keep this community happy going and always make communication nice and easy, because there is nothing can’t be fixed with sincere, polite, honest manners. 

So happy selling and keep this Store growing! Thank you :)

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The 3DXChat Store can be more than just 3D builds, it's all about creativity in 3DXChat world.

We appreiciate All 3DX Chat creators make fair use of this Store to benefit our community with honesty and follow our guidelines. Thank you! 

This Store is made specially for our 3DXChat community and users. All 3D builds and objects here are specifically using only 3DXChat World Editor to produce .world file that only can be used in the game. Please do not upload any other file format that is not applicable to 3DXChat game.