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Now The Store Is Open For All Creators, Welcome Onboard ! (Patreon Supported too)

First of all, 3DXChat Store want to say 'Welcome to join us to begin your Creator journey with us! But before you start, take your time to read the following terms and conditions for more understanding :)

Warning : Do Not Use Any Objects That Aren't Yours in Sell Room without Permission.

(Included Free Given by Personal or Bought. Strictly Own Creation Allowed Only)

1. General Terms

  • First, all Creators (“Sellers”) registered with 3DXChat Store are required to be in Active User Subscription with 3DXChat.
  • All users that registered and use this Site must be age 18+ and above.
  • 3DXChat Store will take consideration to approve your application by knowing more of your past building experience using 3DXChat world Editor. We take high importance of the quality, credibility and trustworthy creators (“Sellers”) with us to ensure our customer satisfaction. The Store Admin has all rights to reject any suspicious application.
  • All Creators (“Sellers”) must join our 3DXChat Store Discord server to be able to stay contact with the store site and customer. If customer has any inquiry after purchase. It is important for Creator (“Seller”) to understand after sales service/support is necessary to help our Customer to be happy with their purchase.
  • 3DXChat Store has all rights to remove any Creator (“Sellers”) if any fraud case found, or any other actions deemed necessary to maintain a healthy community.

2. Payments & Billing

  • Through the Site, 3dxchatstore.com provides electronic web-based platforms for exchanging information between buyers and sellers of products and services. Please note that 3DXChat Store do not take any payment on behalf of any sellers. All payments goes directly to seller’s PayPal account. So please make sure you have PayPal Business account, connect your PayPal account properly and also perform TEST before you start selling.
  • If you experience PayPal payment on hold, please contact PayPal directly to inquire the reason. Mostly PayPal will on hold the payment in your PayPal account due to certain reasons please read here.
  • For Seller that using ‘External/Affiliate Link’ that redirects to their own payment gateway, are liable to fulfill the File download to the customer once payment is successfully made. 3dxchatstore.com do not store any external file or liable to any file failed to be provided by Seller with external payment gateway. 
  • For any Services, 3dxchatstore.com does not represent either the seller or the buyer in specific transactions.
    • 3dxchatstore.com does not control and is not liable to or responsible for the quality, safety, lawfulness or availability of the products or services offered for sales on the Sites or the ability of the sellers to complete a sale or the ability of buyers to complete a purchase.
    • 3dxchatstore.com does not liable for any payment failed released from Seller’s own payment gateway. Seller must resolve this issue to their payment gateway company accordingly. Thus again, it is Seller’s own responsibility to test the payment working before starting any selling activities.
  • If any parties facing any disputes kindly resolve instantly by open communication in Discord to keep as record.
  • 3DXChatstore do not held any responsibility on any failed payment set up, cancellation of payment in any circumstances. Thus it is important for seller to ensure their payment methods setting setup correctly, and do test payment before proceeding in selling activities. 

3. Fees

  • 3dxchatstore.com do not take any fee from any transactions performed in this site.

4. Claims of Copyright infringement

  • If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please submit your complaint here. We respond quickly to the the concerns of rights owners about any alleged infringement.
  • If you prefer to submit a report in writing, please provide us with this information :
    • A proof that showing you are the owner of the subject, either by way of submitting any image proof of your work, or your previous sharing location.
    • A description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on this site. (url link, screenshots pointing out the objects or room)
  • Our site takes very serious of copy work from others and fake claim it as yours and sell it without the consent of the object owner. Both the owner of the claimed object and creator shall come into a resolution. And Store Administrator will take sole decision of the creator account termination. 
  •  For Creator self protection of claims, kindly use only your own build creations in sell rooms. Even modified version of any pre-existing owned room is not recommended. 

5. Relationship with 3dxchatstore.com

  • 3dxchatstore.com is not a party to the dealings between Seller and Buyers, including posts, products or service rendered by the Sellers on site.
  • 3dxchatstore.com is merely making a Site service available to enable the Sellers to upload their good art works for sales. Thus 3dxchatstore.com does not, in any way, supervise, direct or control Seller’s work. 

6. Reselling is FORBIDDEN

  • 3dxchatstore.com takes this very seriously as any products purchased from here are prohibited for reselling purpose. 
  • 3dxchatstore.com are open to any reviews or reports if such complaints is submitted. 
  • If any users abuse this will be kicked out from the site without any notice. 

Last but not least, thank you for reading and now Welcome onboard :)