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How to measure yourself for a Chastity device?

How to measure yourself for a Chastity device?

How to measure yourself for a Chastity device?


I would like to know how to measure for a chastity device, how to choose a chastity cage and what to consider when choosing one size or another. I’ve been looking into incorporating a chastity cage into my game, but I don’t want to buy something I’m not sure will fit me.


Hello my friend. Thank you for opening your world to us. It sure is not easy to talk about these issues with other people. I will try to advise you so that you can enjoy the experience of chastity, whether accompanied or in solitude.

Entering into the search for a chastity cage can generate a lot of doubts and anxiety. You should know that it is a deeply personal decision that requires careful consideration. Whether you are new to it or have some experience with chastity play, finding the right device is crucial to comfort, safety, overall satisfaction and making a good investment.

In this article, I invite you to explore the key factors to consider when choosing a chastity cage to ensure a pleasurable and safe experience.

But before we dive into exploring the factors to consider for a good choice, let’s catch up on this particular topic.

First: what is a chastity cage?

A chastity cage is a device that restricts your ability to have an erection. When you have an erection, you will feel the pain of the cage.

More infos in the next article: Introduction to chastity cages and how to choose yours

You can use chastity devices to enhance your sexual pleasure or you can adopt chastity as a lifestyle choice.

Whatever the reason, I can promise you that using a chastity cage is a great experience.

A chastity cage provides the wearer with an intense emotion

Many men choose to wear a chastity cage because it puts them in a constant state of arousal. Being caged provides an excellent way to delay orgasm and, when the time comes to get out of the cage, the sexual pleasure is more explosive than ever. The period of time inside the cage can range from hours to days.

Many chastity wearers do it as part of a power play with a partner or themselves, the chastity cage symbolizing their submission.

Federico Bordón, sexologist

But even if you don’t have a submissive side, you can still try using a chastity cage. Since the feeling of a cock safely locked up is unique compared to anything else you’ll experience.

My answer: how to measure for chastity device?

It’s time to find the right one.

Since both comfort and exactly which cage will make you excited, is an individual thing, you might have to try a couple of different cages before finding the one.

While experimenting, you get more insights into your body and your sexuality.

Understand your needs and desires

Before you start looking for a chastity cage, take some time to reflect on your desires, expectations and comfort levels. You can start by asking yourself about your reasons for exploring chastity play at this time. It would also be important to be clear about whether you prefer a short-term or long-term chastity experience.

On the other hand, and from a more aesthetic and functional approach, you could ask yourself about the designs that appeal to you. There are discreet, visually striking, sophisticated, simple designs. In relation to the material of which the chastity cage is made, you could evaluate if you are interested in any particular material, the benefits of each type of material, if you have any allergies.

Not least: How important is the ease of cleaning and maintenance for you? The latter could be a determining factor in the choice you make.

By taking all of this information into account, you will have a clearer understanding of your personal preferences which will guide you in making an informed decision.

Consider the material

Chastity cages are usually made of various materials, each with their own advantages and considerations. The most common materials used include stainless steel, silicone, plastic and leather.

Plastic cage

Silicone cage

Metal cage

Stainless steel: durable, hygienic and ideal for extended use. Offers a weighty feel and can be polished for a sleek appearance.

Silicone: flexible, lightweight and hypoallergenic. Provides a softer, more comfortable fit, but may require more frequent cleaning.

Plastic: lightweight and affordable, but less durable than stainless steel. Plastic cages may be suitable for short-term or occasional use.

Leather: primarily used for aesthetic purposes, leather chastity devices are often less secure, but can add an element of kinkiness and visual appeal.

There is not one in particular that I recommend. Rather, the right one will be the one you choose. Consider the pros and cons of each material to determine which best aligns with your preferences and needs.

Size of the cage matters: how to measure for chastity device

Proper sizing is crucial to your comfort and safety. An ill-fitting chastity cage can cause discomfort, pain or even injury, while one that is too loose can defeat the purpose of the device. That’s why I recommend keeping an eye out for these situations during the first few days of using any cage, especially if it’s new.

Here are some tips for finding the right fit.

Measure accurately

I measured the length and diameter of the penis in both the flaccid and erect state to determine the proper size. Most cages come with adjustable rings and spacers to accommodate different sizes, ensuring a custom fit. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for accurate measurements.

Allow for comfort

Choose a cage that provides enough room for your natural erections and avoids total arousal. It should be snug enough to prevent leakage, but not too tight.

Want flexibility? Choose an adjustable option

Some chastity cages offer adjustable rings and spacers to fit different penis sizes and ensure a comfortable fit.

Yes, but… how do I mesure my penis correctly?

f you’ve ever tried to measure your penis, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot to consider.

Do I measure it hard or flaccid?

If I have a foreskin, do I count it?

My penis has a slight curvature, should I use a flexible tape measure?

Here are the steps to measure penis length according to how I would do it. You can follow the same steps whether you are flaccid or erect.

Take a non-rigid tape measure (the kind a tailor uses, rather than the rigid kind a carpenter might use)

Place the end of the tape measure at the point where the base of the penis meets the pubis, at the top of the shaft. If you have some fat around this area, you may need to push on the fat to feel the bone.

Unroll the tape measure to the tip of the glans (the head of the penis). The foreskin does not count. Put it away and measure only to the tip of the glans. If you have a curve, try to keep the tape measure along it.

To measure the circumference take a non-rigid tape measure. (If you don’t have a soft tape measure, you can also use a string, and then measure the string with a ruler).

Hold the end of the tape measure to the side of the penis, at its most circumferential point. Wrap the soft tape measure around the circumference of the penis until it reaches the starting end of the tape measure. Note the number at the point where the two ends meet: that is the girth measurement.

Remember that to choose a chastity cage, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get accurate measurements and choose the cage according to your measurements.

Other tips to enjoy wearing a chastity cage to the fullest

Have you found your next chastity cage? Let’s look at some tips on how to use it.

Safety and security features

Make sure the chastity cage you choose offers adequate security to prevent unwanted removal or escape. Look for features such as:

Locking mechanism. Opt for a cage that provides a secure locking system, either a padlock, combination lock or unique locking device.

Ventilation and hygiene. Look for cages with ventilation holes or spaces to promote airflow and hygiene. Adequate airflow helps prevent moisture buildup and possible infections.

Aesthetics and discretion

Consider also whether you prefer an unobtrusive or visually appealing chastity cage. Some people like the discretion of a minimalist design, while others appreciate more elaborate and decorative options. Choose a design that suits your personal taste and desired level of visibility.

Recommended cage time

If you feel the cage is irritating your skin, remove it after a couple of hours. It may be necessary to experiment with several cages until you find the material and size that works best for you.

The night and morning are usually the most difficult parts of wearing a chastity cage. You will have to follow the natural ebb and flow of your erection. Your penis will have many rude awakenings in its new restricted environment. And that in itself is exciting. You will feel emasculated.

The general advice is to be able to remove it to sleep well and avoid injuries, although some people prefer to get used to this sensation. Use it up to 24 hours is a reasonable time.

Some other recommendations for success in wearing your chastity cage

Shave your pubic hair well before attempting to wear the cage. Long hair will make the process difficult and trapped hair will be painful.

Baby oil is an excellent and inexpensive way to lubricate the chastity cage and all its parts before putting it on. Always carry a small bottle of baby oil with you. The oil keeps things soft and prevents chafing.

When it comes to moving around in everyday life, tighter clothing is better. They keep the cage closer to your body and keep things from moving. This means less friction and less chance of developing blisters.

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At ThePleasureKeys we have a wide range of articles related to adult toys reviews and product recommendations, and that includes chastity cages.

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To sum-up

Choosing a chastity cage is a personal journey that requires careful consideration. By understanding your needs, considering the material, prioritizing size and fit, learning how to measure for chastity device before spending any money and ensuring safety and security features, you can find the perfect chastity cage for a pleasurable and satisfying experience. Remember, communication, consent, and regular care and maintenance are essential for a safe and satisfying journey into chastity play.

If you want to learn about other issues to introduce you to the world of chastity cages, Joe Nathan has a great guide and lots of tips in The Master Key. You should check it out.

On to enjoying a full, pleasurable and healthy sex life!


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