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3DXChat Builder – KittyPool

3DXChat Builder – KittyPool

3DXChat Builder – KittyPool

I like Deadpool and kitties, KittyPool seemed to fit the bill haha

I have been on 3DX since 2015, but did not get into building more seriously until about 2019 when I truly discovered how much one could do with the builder. My first build was a tiki hut on a beach.

I think my favorite build from my store is Bokairo Inn from FFXIV, it was a passion project for me as it’s based from one favorite location in Final Fantasy Online, a game I very much enjoy in my free time. My second would be my recent Star Wars Empire Penthouse, another game based passion project, based on one of my apartments in SWTOR (St Wars The Old Republic)

Oh my, there are so many wonderfully talented builders, but if I had to choose, I would say Redji and Manyasha (Rem3dx), their builds inspired me to join the 3DX Chat Store and put my work out there.

It depends on the build, and how busy I am with other non-3DX projects. But any where from 10 hours on a small build, to 40 hours on something intricate. I have some projects that I feel like I never seem to finish. That inner perfectionism haha

I am so grateful to all of my customers and followers, as well as everyone who supports 3DX Chat Store. I had a rough year last year and the extra income helped me on some tough days, especially doing something I truly love to do, which is build an create. I hope I can continue to provide you all with work worthy of your patronage. Love you all.

And I rate the store 10/10, love everything you guys are working on and I share it as often as I can, and recommend it to other fellow builders I meet.

This is one of my fave builds that the creator no longer plays, Cyber City by Sylphie, it was home to a lot of us who like to chill and just listen to cyber music. Really miss this hangout spot.

Here I am celebrating my creation of Bokairo Inn, my personal fave of my builds, vasking in the moon window enjoying the rain.

And this is my first Christmas on 3DX with my hubby, DaddyPool, I finally got him to join around that time haha.



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