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QUEEN – Party Yacht

QUEEN is a middle size party yacht room. Sspades are removable so it can be both Queen or QOS  . There are many areas on the boat incl. club, gambling/chill area, two vip suits, captain quarter, 3 pools (one big and two small) and some extra features. Most important object groups (like walls, floors, windows frames, hull parts) are merged into separate groups so u can change textures and colors of whole areas in few clicks. To understand better how room looks like i recommend to watch video i made.

Alternative link (mostly for paypal users. switch currency to usd at checkout page to get paypal option) https://hipolink.me/melaniel/products/queen-yacht

Contact me in Discord or Official game server (nickname Melaniel) if you have any issues, questions or want room tour. My rooms are built for official 3dxchat server only.


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QUEEN – Party Yacht

Published on: January 31, 2024

QUEEN  is a middle size party yacht room.

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