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What Women Like During Sex – The Answer From 10 Different Women

What Women Like During Sex – The Answer From 10 Different Women

What Women Like During Sex – The Answer From 10 Different Women

One of the things I did during the research for The Master Key – My Ultimate Guide to Become an Amazing Lover was to interview women regarding what they liked during sex. In this blog post I will go through what ten different women answered to my question regarding what they like the man to do during sex.

Surprisingly or maybe unsurprisingly a lot women liked one thing in particular.

I will also go through exactly how you as a man can become better at doing these things.

Lets dive in.

Answer One to What Women Like During Sex

That he takes control, that it’s rough isn’t bad.”

For a lot of men who have grown up in todays society with focus on gender equality, it can be difficult to understand that a lot of women like it when the man is dominant during sex. Women want and should be treated with respect.

However what’s important to note is that it’s a difference between the erotic reality during sex and the everyday reality. Since a lot of women are submissive they like it when the man physically takes control and lead them during sex.

To learn exactly how to do this I recommend my post on how to take charge as a man.

Answer Two – Dominance

When he is both dominant and responsive. When he is interested in how he can make it nice for his (sex) partner, rather than focus on how he can get her where he wants.”

To me this answer actually hit the nail on the head. If you want to be good in bed being dominant and being responsive, is one of the most important things. If you’re just dominant some girls may really like it. But to most girls even if they like it the first time, you will eventually probably just come across as a selfish douche bag.

However if you mix being dominant with being responsive to what your woman likes, then you will be good in bed. So pay attention to your woman, see what she likes and help her to get there.

Answer Three – The Importance of Diversity

Having diversity in your repertoire. I am not talking about positions or techniques necessarily. It’s the seeds of creativity in bed!”

Regardless of how much you like something from the beginning, if you keep on doing exactly the same thing over and over again it does get more boring. That’s why you need to vary what you’re doing. To be able to be creative and vary, it’s great to have an array of techniques and tips to draw inspiration from and play around with.

In this blog you will get tons of inspiration and in The Master Key, you will get even more.

Answer Four – Women Like Dirty Talk During Sex

I love it when he excites me by talking dirty.”

The fourth woman answering my questions is far from the only woman who loves dirty talk. Unfortunately if you were like me before I began to improve my sex skills, dirty talk doesn’t exactly come naturally. Besides maybe in the odd porn clip dirty talk is not something we have a lot of experience from, so how are we supposed to know how to do it?

My main quick tip regarding dirty talk is to start out light just talking about what you’re experiencing during the sex. If you get positive reactions and as your woman gets more and more aroused you make the talk dirtier and dirtier.

If you want to get tips on exactly the best things to talk about and how to say them. No worries, in The Master Key I have a whole chapter dedicated to dirty talk.

Answer Five – Passion

When he’s turned on by my body.”

The psychological aspects of great sex are hugely important for women, and you being turned on by your woman and showing this in a passionate way is one part of those.

A lot of women have things about their body that they are not 100 percent comfortable with. If you show them that they are amazingly sexy and hot to you, then they will feel amazingly sexy and hot instead of uncomfortable. Also show that it’s not only their pussy and breasts that turns you on and that you are interested in. Pay attention to and give love to their whole body.

Answer Six – A Special Foreplay Technique

When they start to kiss me slowly from the neck through all the body.”

Just like the above answer, this answer shows the importance of not only paying attention to the woman’s sexual spots. Sex for women, is about so much more than just the actual penetration.

Foreplay is highly important for women. A longer foreplay will even increase the likelihood of the woman reaching orgasm. To learn more about this I recommend my blogpost “how to make her cum“. And to learn more foreplay tips I recommend my blogposts: foreplay techniques and the ultimate foreplay guide.

Answer Seven – Women like Self Confidence

That he is sure in himself. I love self-confidence in his performance and in his body.”

Being self confident in bed is key to being good in bed, and a lot of times guys can be really self confident in other areas of their life’s but not so confident in bed. This has to do with the fact that self confidence often can be situational specific.

If you want to learn more about how increase your confidence in bed, I recommend my blogpost on how to become more confident in bed.

Answer Eight – Taking Control in a Relaxed Manner

That he is relaxed but controls the situation.”

As you probably have noticed by now. A man that takes control and is self confident, turned out to be the overall theme in a majority of these answers. So if you’re only bringing one take away from reading this text, the importance of confidently taking control, is the one.

However, the above answer also highlights the importance of being relaxed in the situation. Being easy going and with a mind frame that everything that happens in bed always is completely normal is great.

Nothing should surprise or rattle you and nothing during sex should be strange. Keep your cool, no matter what happens or how your partner reacts. Make her understand that you think everything in a sexual situation is natural and sexy.

Answer Nine – Women Love Sex in Exciting Places

Exciting public places.”

Women love exciting taboo sex in public places. If you never experienced this you should definitely try it out. The excitement of getting caught ads to the overall sensations and increases how hot the sex is.

Make sure to talk about how you actually shouldn’t be doing this, as you’re giving in to your desire.

Last but not Least – The Tenth Answer to What Women Like During Sex

Dominance is a huge turn on. I mean taking charge of my body especially with non-verbal cues. Anticipating what to do when and for how long. Basically a man being instinctively aware of what he is doing rather than trying to figure out what to do based on stuff he has been told or saw.”

To round off this blog post, the last answer follows the theme of dominance. It also emphasize the importance of paying attention instead of being mechanical, and the importance of being instinctively aware of what you’re doing.

How to Become Amazing in Bed

Becoming instinctively good at something is not easy. But its definitely a lot easier if you study the topic and learn all the best techniques and ideas. If you are interested in this, I recommend my ultimate guide to become an amazing lover.

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