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Photographer Services

Welcome to JKPhotoStudio. 

I have been at 3DXChat since 2015.  My style changes the atmosphere of the photo not only by taking a photo but also by retouching it after taking a photo. In order to select retouching candidates, we will give you two best photos in the end because of the large number of shots. Also, I am shooting with the resolution raised to 4K. 

Since I live in Japan, there is a big time difference with you.

[Date and time when shooting is possible]
JST(Japan time → Daylight saving time has not been introduced in Japan. Each time zone is daylight saving time. Please add 1 hour to the winter time.)

Friday: From 9am to midnight on Saturday.
Saturday: From 1 pm to midnight on Sunday.
Sunday: From 1 pm to midnight on Monday.

Friday: From 2 am to 5 pm.       
Saturday: From 6am to 5pm.
Sunday: From 6am to 5pm.

From 8 pm Thursday to 11 am Friday.
Saturday from midnight to 11:00 am.
Sunday from midnight to 11:00 am.

From 5 pm Thursday to 8 am Friday.
From 9 pm on Friday to 8 am on Saturday.
From 9 pm on Saturday to 8 am on Sunday.

Please contact me regarding the shooting date. We will also adjust the schedule as much as possible. If you have any questions, please contact me. 

Kindest regards,




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