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Icarus Designes


My name is Ica and I love to design ingame from the beginning of knowing 3dx. When I did start playing 3dx I did start directly with designing and running rp rooms like dungeons/shop/school and doc rooms with a friend (she did help me a lot). I was and I am still fascinated what atmosphere you can create when you do have a good room and good peeps and good music. After a while I opened daily my first own designed club, called “Ritz Charlton”…haha..tbh..it was a fuck-room…..it was a design of a hotel from  dubai I did make. It was good fun – always frequent and I was meeting/knowing more peeps. At this time I did start working with DAZ3d and designing erotic scenes with it. After running serveral other own- designed rooms daily with 3dx I focused on designing events rooms like the huge original Burj Alarab Dubai room. 

I love 3dx cause I can create the world orbiting me how I do like it…

If you do need help or have questions regarding a design you can contact me ingame “Icarus”…or at the my channels at discord of 3dxchatstore.

Please help lonely ingame people!




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