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Builders, DJ

Faktoy’s builds for 3DXCHAT since 2017.

Quality ? Or Quantity? Why not both ?

Anyone can build rooms. Place 4 walls, 1 roof, 1 bed, 1 sofa, 1 spotlight. Done. Easy innit ?

I think my building style is really unique in 3DXchat. I give lot of importance in the details and how they show up in game with the lights and the shadows. I prefer to say “I build atmosphere” instead of “I build rooms”. 

I experiment lot of things, and effects, to give those rooms more life and vibes. I made those like they were pieces of my dreams. 

It is always complicated to describe ourself or those builds without appearing someone egocentric, and it is even harder to transmit feelings. This is why I invite you to visit my rooms when I open in game, and make your own opinion if you are curious.

I can fill my free time with your customised orders if you are interested by my style.

I know most of you are spending money in this to support the persons who build the game we enjoy, more than really willing to be the owner of something. Your support is really appreciated, thanks to all the customers ❤

Reviews and feedbacks are also a great help. 



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