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Published on: September 20, 2021

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Fully own build

This is my Patreon if someone desires to donate or support me. The Patreon is just there for this. I might sometimes post some news there but not regularly. 

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We appreiciate All 3DX Chat creators make fair use of this Store to benefit our community with honesty and follow our guidelines. Thank you! 

This Store is made specially for our 3DXChat community and users. All 3D builds and objects here are specifically using only 3DXChat World Editor to produce .world file that only can be used in the game. Please do not upload any other file format that is not applicable to 3DXChat game. 

Warning : Do Not Use Any Objects That Aren't Yours in Sell Room without Permission.

(Included Free Given by Personal or Bought. Strictly Own Creation Allowed Only)