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Sychelles Resort Island

Room Update 13th Oct.: Includes items like vape, alcohol, cigar, zigarette and soft-ice

Sychelles Resort Island with three perfect bathing and swimming bays. Famous stilt house typ placed on the seychell island close to the typical basalt-rocks. The room comes with a perfect Party Location and Night-Light Setting and a designed traktro dj controller :). Plants are mostly designed with the new Tropical-Editor Pack (less memory use e.g. the new palms and bushes etc.) Surprise your partner – Poses bed, wall, seat, sofa and pool. All designs are existing at RL and works perfect with each daylight/nightlight settings.

Seychelles Resort 3DXChat – YouTube

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Sychelles Resort Island

Published on: December 17, 2022
(1 customer review)

Sychelles Resort Island Beach House Location. Designed without lights 1.0 :)

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