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Tiny consensual club room with an “touch” of a industrial atmosphere. The room includes three modified poses! Sofa, table, cage, wall, bar and chair poses.

There is a unique dance-floor with pole`s and a bar and some hidden spots to have fun^^. You can use this room for private motivation or as tiny event room.

Design without using any of the old lights 1.0 and less shiny materials. Including new-goodies like: Bubble, cigarette, Whiskey, Champagne and pipe!

Using an original Icarus-Event-Room doesn not grant lots of guests ingame!

If you do like to see more detail picture you can take a look at my shop:

Consensual Industrial — Icarusdesignes

If you are interested to buy the selling goodie like cigarette, cotton candy, iceream I do offer it at my store:



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Consensual Industrial

Published on: August 4, 2023

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Fully own build

Club or private room

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