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Abandoned FunFair

Published on: October 27, 2022

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3dx Furniture

Out on the 3dxcity limits, on a lonely road in the shadow of the expressway, lies a old condemned fairground behind a tall security fence. Closed for decades following the ‘incident’ and fallen into disrepair, someone this halloween has reopened it… and IT‘s unquiet past has returned… :O

Features :

2 x private spaces (old rusty van x 2)

Sideshows :

The Deathtrap Ride (9 sofas)

The Elephant Man freakshow (one pose for single male, no shirt no shades)

Haunted Mirror (trap to puzzle maze containing Giant Spider and Spectre)

Fortune Teller (booth for RP)

Big Top Tent :

2 x stripper poles

DJ booth

Laser Show (fireworks)

High Wire

JackOLantern Bar

5 seating areas

This Build is a specialised strong vibe Halloween/Creepy location build, perfect for your Halloween Event and very reasonably priced at $40 for the amount of detail and atmosphere built in. Buyers are requested not to alter environment lighting setting or risk upsetting the light balances and optical illusions over the whole site. Ty Jem x

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