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How to Please your wife sexually – The Ultimate Guide

How to Please your wife sexually – The Ultimate Guide

How to Please your wife sexually – The Ultimate Guide

Maybe things are getting a bit slower in the bedroom than they used to be. Or maybe you realized that your wife is not really enjoying the sex as much as you would want her to.

Regardless of the issue, after having read this ultimate guide on how to please your wife sexually, you will have lots of new input to try out. And your wife will love it.

The guide starts out with the foundation. Then it continues all the way to the specific techniques that you should use once in bed. Techniques that will give your wife some very intense sexual pleasure.

Use it all at once, and your wife will probably have the most amazing sex she’s had in a very long time. Let’s dive in.

Help out at Home

For women, to be able to enjoy sex to the fullest depends on more than what happens in the bedroom. If your wife has other things occupying her mental space and stressing her, it will be difficult for her to enjoy the sex as much as she could otherwise.

Meaning it will be difficult for her to get pleased sexually and for you to please her. That’s why the first step to pleasing your woman is about helping out at home.

Do things that make her life easier. Like ensuring the house is cleaned, a nice dinner is on the table, and her work clothes are already in the washing machine. Also, tidy up and eliminate distractions, take out the trash, wash up in the kitchen, and clean up the bedroom.

These things may seem far from what you had imagined as things that will help you please your wife sexually. But having things like this taken care of will make it much easier for her to relax and enjoy the sex once in the bedroom.

Practice all Day Foreplay

Just as above, this is not about what happens in the bedroom, but equally important.

Everything that you do as a man in a sexual relationship that lets your partner know she is your sensual, sexy, and sexual lover creates all-day foreplay.

This, for example, includes things such as holding up a door, dancing slowly and sensually with your partner in the living room, and making the dinner into a romantic dinner.

To please your wife sexually, regardless of whether you want a great sex life in a long-term relationship or just want to give your woman an amazing night, you need to use all-day foreplay.

Talk to Your Wife About What she Likes

Pleasing anyone sexually is much easier if you know what turns her on and how she likes it in the bedroom. You can and should find out about this by paying attention (more on this below), but you should also talk to your wife.

I’m not a big fan of asking the person you’re having sex with, “do you like it, or should I do it like this?”. Asking this type of question while you’re having sex makes you seem insecure and is often just a turn-off.

However, the time after you’ve had sex is a great time for this type of talk. If you’re not used to it, just start off by telling your wife what part of the sex was really hot for you. Then, ask her what she liked and if she wants you to try to do it in a different way next time.

Having this type of open conversation continuously will greatly improve the sex over time. And it will be much easier for you to please your wife.


This is pretty straightforward. In marriage, as time goes on, you can and should become more and more relaxed; however, it’s also easy to become a bit too relaxed.

But if you really want to please your woman sexually, make sure you look good and smell good. And even if you normally never trim the hair downstairs, this could be the time to do it.

Create a Mood

Light some candles, and dim the lights. Maybe put on some Marvin Gaye or some other bedroom type of music. Incense could also add a nice touch to the atmosphere. Or why not have a warm bath together if you have a hot tub?

These are not the type of things you need to do every time you’re having sex. But if you want to create a special atmosphere for that special moment when your woman gets truly sexually satisfied, then the setting should not be forgotten.

Spend Time in Foreplay,

For a lot of women, it’s a higher chance that she will orgasm the longer the foreplay is. So, taking your time with the foreplay is a must if you really want her to have a sexually satisfying experience. This will also give her time to relax and disconnect from the struggles of everyday life.

Explore her body as if you’ve never seen it before, massage her to make her even more relaxed, and kiss her in different ways and places. Don’t be linear and move closer and closer to the genitals all the time, instead be playful by moving closer and then taking two steps back.

To get more tips on foreplay, I recommend some other blog posts: the ultimate foreplay guide, 10 foreplay techniques, and the art of sexual teasing

Use Lube

So now you’re almost there, your wife is very relaxed and more than ready. However, depending on various factors, all women are not super wet every time they want to have sex. That’s why you should have a lube at hand. And even if she is already very wet, women still love the sensation of lube around their pussy.

So don’t be stingy with the Lube.

If this is something that you normally don’t use during sex, your wife may be surprised, but she will surely love it.

Lead and Pay Attention

If I were to choose the two most crucial aspects of being an amazing lover, I would choose the ability to lead and pay attention.

Women love it when the man takes charge and leads in the bedroom. However, if you take charge and act dominantly without paying attention to your wife, you will just come across as a selfish jerk. You need to combine it with paying attention.

By paying attention to how your woman reacts and calibrating accordingly at the same time as you lead her and take charge, you will be an amazing lover. To learn more about leading in the bedroom, I recommend my blog post on how to take charge in bed.

Make Noise and Talk Dirty

If you ask men about one thing they really like in the bedroom, many would say that they really like it when the woman is loud and passionate. And while we men often love this, strangely enough, we are often very quiet ourselves.

If this rings true for you, you should stop this. Just like we like to hear our wives and women enjoy sex, our wives also love to hear that we’re enjoying sex, so don’t be afraid to moan and make noises. This way, your woman will hear that you like it, and she will like that you like it and start liking it even more.

Besides just making noise, a lot of women also like dirty talk, so don’t be afraid to express yourself vocally. Just make sure to start of light, pay attention to your wife’s reactions, and take it from there.

To learn more about dirty talk, I recommend my blog post on aggressive things to do in bed.

Pay Attention to The Clit

Since men’s most erogenous zone is the penis while women’s most erogenous zone is the clit there is a disconnect during penetration. The penis gets stimulated very well, while the clit at most receives indirect stimulation.

This is one of the reasons why men reach orgasm easier than women during sex, something that even has its own term- the orgasm gap.

To not get an orgasm gap, you should pay the clit a lot of attention. This can be done by using certain positions that stimulate the clit more and by using your hand and mouth.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is a great way to please your wife. Since it is the best way to stimulate the human body’s most sensitive organ: the clit, women usually love it.

So how do you do it? First and foremost, even if you know that it is the clit that you should stimulate, don’t rush for it.

Take your time to lick and kiss around it first. Make sure your wife really wants it before going for the clit. To learn specific techniques, I recommend The Master Key.

Also, keep in mind that oral sex can be performed on your wife at any time during sex. Before, after and in the middle of penetration. To learn some cool and different positions for oral sex, check out my pussy eating positions post.

Use your Hands

Just as your mouth and tongue are powerful tools in the art of pleasuring your wife, your hands play a crucial role. The G-spot, a highly sensitive area located inside the vagina, is a treasure trove of pleasure for many women. Explore her vagina with your fingers, paying attention to the upper wall where the G-spot is located.

Experiment with different techniques, pressures, and speeds to find what resonates most with your wife. G-spot stimulation, when done right, can intensify her pleasure and make her have an incredibly intense orgasm.

To learn more about exactly how to stimulate her, check out my post on finger fucking.

Last longer and take your time

While it’s not about a race, lasting longer in bed can significantly enhance your wife’s satisfaction. According to a study, most men actually only last about 6 minutes, while according to another study, most women need 13 minutes to reach orgasm.

If you feel this may be the case in your marriage, you should learn how to last longer. To learn all about how to do it, check out my blog post on lasting longer in bed.

Using Sex Toys

Introducing sex toys into the bedroom can add a new dimension to your sexual experiences. From vibrators to intimate massagers, the market offers a variety of options designed to enhance pleasure for both partners.

If your wife is having trouble to reach orgasm just by human touch alone, a sex toy may bring about that little extra push.

So, how do you introduce it? As mentioned previously, after you’ve had sex is a great time to talk about sex. Mention it during these talks.

If you Come Before you Pleased Her

As mentioned previously, the timing of orgasm between you and your partner can vary. And since reaching orgasm exactly at the same time is difficult, this is actually the norm.

However, If you come before your wife, it doesn’t mean that the experience has to end, actually it definitely should not end. Shift your focus to her satisfaction and savor the experience by using manual or oral stimulation.

Expand your Repertoire by Teaching Yourself About Sex

There you go, now you probably have a much better idea of how you should please your wife sexually.

To take it to the next level and learn all the best techniques that will make your wife enjoy sex more than she’s ever enjoyed anything before, I recommend my ultimate guide on how to become an amazing lover.

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