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How to Make a Girl Wet – All you Need to Know From a Girl’s Perspective

How to Make a Girl Wet – All you Need to Know From a Girl’s Perspective

How to Make a Girl Wet – All you Need to Know From a Girl’s Perspective

Making a girl wet might feel like an intimidating task. But not to worry, the first thing you need to know is that girls do get horny just like guys.

Yes, we have plenty of sex drive and all we secretly want is for a guy to come along, sweep us off our feet and make us wet like never before.

To achieve this, you just have to play it right, use all your charm and a couple of the well-aimed tricks that you will learn below.

It’s not rocket science, but to become good at it does take some practicing and experimenting, that’s what makes it so much fun.

Be Attentive

Making a girl wet starts much earlier than in the bedroom. There is a saying that a woman’s biggest sex organ is her brain.

That is indeed true, never lose track of this piece of wisdom.

Being mentally turned on is, generally speaking, much more important for women. That’s why to get a girl wet starts with the connection between the two of you.

Deliver on What She Wants

Make sure you know what makes her unique compared to all other girls, do compliment her on that. Also, take her on adventures that are tailored to her specific likes and secret fantasies.

Pay attention, deliver on what she tells you and you are halfway to making her wet and horny.

Be Masculine

Do treat her in a special way, but to not be deemed “a nice guy” it’s important that you combine this attention with a healthy dose of masculine energy. You want to bring your needs and want to the situation in a straightforward way. Do tell her what you want from her, in a playful, yet masculine way.

Many men nowadays are not masculine enough. So, by embracing this side you will get the upper edge over other men.

How to be Masculine

Let me tell you, from my own personal experience that masculinity really makes girls wet. There are reasons why girls like firefighters and generally fit guys.

Be masculine by embracing masculine hobbies, staying fit and being assertive in all areas of life. Also check out our guide on How to be masculine to learn lots of great tips.

Tease Her

Girls love to be teased. This is another important tool as to not be friend-zoned and seen as a nice guy. By teasing your girl, you create tons of sexual chemistry. She will see you as a worthy partner and a strong man. Also, teasing is just a lot of fun and we often do it naturally with the people we like.

Be playful around her, you can even grab her in a playful way, or pretend to fight her. Make fun of her habits in a lighthearted way.

Another great way to tease her is to disagree with things she says. Don’t be afraid to have a heated discussion.

Tease Her in the Bedroom

To tease your girl in the bedroom is a sure way to create fireworks. When you are in bed together you can tease her by giving her what she wants and then stop and tell her that she doesn’t deserve more. You can even tease her about being wet and horny.

Teasing is all about not being too eager to please. Hold back a bit and be the leader in the situation. To learn everything about how to tease in the bedroom, check out this guide on how to tease sexually.

Be a Great Kisser

Girls love to kiss. Most girls want more kissing in their life. Kissing is romantic and exciting. Lots of kissing is bound to make your girl wet.

To give her a great kiss start slow and soft with your mouth half open. Don’t try her swallow her, a kiss should be like a dance between both of your lips. Let the kiss grow in intensity and forcefulness.

Mix Things Up

After kissing her for a while, do something else. Kiss her neck or ear. A great make-out session is all about mixing things up.

The same goes for the kiss, use your lips, use your tongue. Go soft, go hard. You being unpredictable will make her wet.

You can also kiss her in places other than the lips. Let your kisses explore her whole body.

Don’t limit your kissing to the bedroom. Be naughty and kiss her in public places. Bring a blanket and have a make-out session in a park. The more kissing, the wetter she will become.

Touch Her in all the Right Places

For a girl it’s nice to be touched all over her body, so try touching her everywhere you can think off and don’t overlook any part. Stroke her arms, cuddle her waist, or give her a foot massage if you want.

The more you touch different parts of her the more she will feel loved as a whole being. She will feel appreciated and feel that you really see all of her. Take your time. Also, make sure you touch her often and not only when you are in the mood for sex.

Touch Specific Places

Of course, some parts of her body will be more erogenous than others. To make her wet you should give these parts lots of well-deserved attention. Do ask her where she likes to be touched and in what way she likes to be touched. Every girl is a little bit different.

When it comes to touching communication is a great way to explore her and make her wet. For even more info on touching, you can continue reading this ultimate foreplay guide.

Talk Dirty

Being good at talking dirty is an art form. That’s why many guys shy away from talking dirty. This secret trick is also particularly difficult to pull off since what works with one girl might not work with another girl.

You have to tailor your dirty talk to the likes of every particular girl. But when it works it really works. When you master this skill, you will be able to make a girl soaking wet just by using your voice and your imagination.

How to Talk Dirty

Start slow and easy by telling her why she turns you on, everyone likes compliments. Continue by sharing what parts of her you like and what you would want to do with her. Make sure she is right there with you by asking what she likes about you and what she would want to do with you.

Ask her if there is anything particular she would want to try. Talk about sex in a seductive way and you will have her thinking about sex.

Take your Time

The main reason usually why a girl is not dripping wet is that you haven’t spent enough time on the foreplay.

Girls get aroused slower than most guys. They need more attention and more time to get to the same level of excitement. Thus, you need to work much more with touch and kisses to get a girl as wet as she can possibly get.

Set your own Needs Aside

You might be ready for the next step, but to make a girl horny you will have to practice delayed gratification. The best way to do this is to practice mindfulness. Be fully present in the moment. Don’t think about the next step. Yes, meditation will help to make you a better lover and better at making a girl wet in all situations.

You just enjoying the situation without trying to get anywhere will give the girl the feeling that she is in safe hands and that she can just relax and allow herself to become crazy excited.

Use a Toy and Plenty of Lube

When you are already having sex with a girl and you still want to make her even wetter, never underestimate the power of a sex toy. Modern technology will be assisting you in your quest. In this new era, sex toys are powerful and made to boost your performance.

To satisfy your girl you can use a finger vibrator or any dildo-shaped toy. Just ask her what naughty toy she would like to try next.

Bring out the Lube

Wetness is nature’s own lubricant, so if you want a wet experience all you need is a tube of quality lube. Lube actually helps the sensation so the lube itself will make your girl wetter. Lube works especially well with different sex toys.

Dip your Toe in Bondage

Have you heard of the Fifty Shades of Grey series? Its several books about bondage and it’s a great inspiration for making girls horny.

Women all over the world loved those books. There are also two movies that you can check out. Also, go ahead and ask if there are any bondage ideas she would like to try. Suggest some you would like to try.

BDSM Ideas

Bondage and BDSM can be a lot of different things. You can play with blindfolds, handcuffs and other forms of restraint. You can also role-play. Doctor and patient anyone?

Another fun part of bondage is impact play. You use different tools to have different sensations. For example pinwheels, feathers and whips. And don’t forget about the ice cubes. Light bondage is all about being playful and teasing your girl.

Go Down on Her

Most girls love oral sex. Using your tongue and possibly your fingers is a great way to get her wet.

Girls especially love when you go down on them if you show that you really enjoy doing it. Girls can feel a bit self-conscious about just lying there and receiving, so go ahead and make her comfortable.

It’s important that you don’t put any pressure on her to have an orgasm. Allow her to be in the moment and enjoy the moment for what it is. Oral sex should not feel like a race to have an orgasm.

Improve your Skill Level

Being amazing at delivering oral sex is a skill that can be learned. Do a google search and read a couple of guides or learn everything about it in The Master Key.

Get ideas, but the most important part is to test drive those ideas. By being out in the field and practicing you become a true master.

It’s also important to remember that when it comes to oral sex, different girls like different techniques.

Find out what she likes

Most girls know a lot about what they like, so go ahead and ask. Communication is a foundation pillar of good sex life. Communication is also the best way to find out what makes this particular girl wet and wild.

Ask the right questions

Even if you never slept with her you can still ask her things that will make her think about sex. Just start slow and ask what she is passionate about. After that, you can ask what she finds sexy.

You will find out a lot about what girls like and what makes them wet just by asking.

Become an Amazing Lover

The Pleasure Keys is a whole site dedicated to making men amazing lovers. Most men don’t learn enough about sex and as a result, most men are average in bed. Most men don’t make girls as wet as they have the potential to become.

But you can be the exception.

Imagine how confident you would feel if you knew that you easily could lead any girl in bed to the most amazing orgasm they ever had.

You would feel confident, right?

Well, it’s all possible to learn here on this website. If you want to learn it straight away I recommend The Master Key – The ultimate on how to become an amazing lover.

I’m Olivia Isabey, a licensed sex therapist and a freelance content creator with a genuine passion for writing. Once a week I will answer your questions at The Pleasure Keys. So if you have any questions regarding sex, don’t hesitate to post them to me here. When I’m not freelancing, I’m an enthusiastic longboard surfer and Ashtanga lover.

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