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How to Kiss a Girl Good – All you Need to Know

How to Kiss a Girl Good – All you Need to Know

How to Kiss a Girl Good – All you Need to Know

The first time you kiss a girl is a special moment, so of course, you want her to like it. You want to know that you are a good kisser and know how to kiss her well.

You probably also want her to want more. No problem. The fact that she is kissing you means she likes you; if your kiss is good, she will want more.

By using just a few of the following techniques, your kiss will be good. Use all of them, and your kiss will be amazing.

Kiss Slowly

A great kiss is not a rush job, and it’s no point in being too forceful in the beginning since you want something to build towards.

Start with a slow and gentle kiss. But still, keep the kiss firm enough so that she doesn’t doubt what you are doing. Keep your lips relaxed but at the same time, use your lips to show her that you want her.


Start by exploring her lips, and let your lips give attention to her upper lip and her lower lip. Slowly open your mouth.

Don’t open your mouth as if you want to swallow her, but don’t have very tight lips either. Your lips should be eager but at the same time relaxed.

Use your Tongue

As the kiss increase in intensity, you can open your mouth more. Let your tongue touch her tongue. Swirl around a bit. Don’t forget to still focus on the lips.

At this point, it’s important not to force anything. If you feel like she is pulling away, give her a break and stop kissing. A great kiss doesn’t have to be long. To make her want more, it’s actually better not to rush things.

Use your Hands

When you kiss a girl, if you want the kiss to be good, it’s important that you use your whole body and that you sync your body with hers. Lean closer to her as you kiss her.

You can use your hands to touch different parts of her, starting with non-sexual parts such as touching her waist. Slowly stroke your hands down her back. You can touch her neck.

If there is a part of her you particularly like, go ahead and touch her there. Just don’t be overly sexual, as this will have the opposite effect. No one wants to be forced to take the next step.

Slowly Bring More Passion

A great kiss is a kiss that becomes more passionate and more intense as the kiss progress. When you have been kissing for a while, you should increase the intensity and the passion you bring to the kiss. Do this by being more forceful.

Once again, it’s essential to check that she is on board. Allow her to show her passion for you as well. A good kiss is a collaboration.

Let her Take the Initiative

If you want to kiss a girl just to make her want more, it can backfire. Don’t expect more. In many cases, it can be better to pull away a bit and let her take the initiative.

Let her come back and kiss you. This is reverse psychology; we want what we can’t have. So if you show too much eagerness, she might pull away.

Look Into Her Eyes

Romance is all in the eyes. Most women love intense eye contact, especially with a guy they are really attracted to.

You can make her want you even more by looking into her eyes and letting your eyes show how much you appreciate her. Combine your special kiss with pulling away and looking at her.

Make Her Feel Special

A good kiss is not only about the kiss itself; it’s about the passion the two of you share. If the girl is really crazy about you, the kiss can be bad, and she will still want more.

Girls are very forgiving, especially when they have feelings for someone.

It’s About the Whole Experience

When you ask how to kiss a girl good, the answer is not only about how you kiss. You have to make her feel strongly for you.

You have to awaken her desire to make her want more. Something you achieve by being an all-around great guy. She will not judge you on the kiss only but on everything you bring to the table.

Work on improving all areas of your life, and the way you kiss will be the cherry on the cake for your chosen woman, and you will drive her wild.

Additional Quick Tips to Become a Good Kisser

Well Moistened Lips

Make sure your lips are always well moistened before, then open them up properly but relaxed. You want your partner to feel the inner, softer part of your lips.

Reflect Your Partners movement

Reflect on what your partner does and escalate if she escalates. If she uses her tongue or opens her mouth, you can use your tongue. But unless it’s a kiss of passion, you should slowly put the tongue in her mouth instead of shoving the entire tongue deep into the throat as soon as you get an opportunity.


You can go from kissing, to slowly following her lips with your tongue to escalate to a tongue kiss. If you don’t get any response, just enjoy the normal kiss.

In general, you should never force going from kiss to tongue kiss. Instead take it easy and enjoy the whole experience as you slowly escalate.

Make her Want More

By being the person who pulls away first, you leave the woman with a sense of wanting more rather than getting too much.

Don’t Give to Much or To Little

With a tongue kiss, it is also better to be scarce with the tongue than to give too much. But also don’t be the person who always only gives a sharp little point of the tongue, or repetitively puts your tongue in and out like a woodpecker.

Tounge Massage

Use your tongue to massage hers lightly. Massage the top of her tongue with the underside of yours and the upper side of her tongue with your underside.

You can do this by simply placing your tongue on top of hers, alternatively below. And then bring it back and forth as you gently press it against hers. Switch from above to bottom and side to side. However, be careful when doing this.

You don’t want to be placed in the same box as the guys who push their whole tongues into women’s mouths without a sense of pace or rhythm.

Increase Intensity

Eventually, move your tongue around while alternating the rhythm. If you want to give a passionate kiss to make your woman horny, increase the intensity of the kiss.

Lip Biting

Use sucking and gently biting on her lips if it fits. For passionate kisses, you can use harder passionate biting, but be careful not to bite too hard.

Sometimes capture her lip between your teeth for a second. And with the lip in the grip of your teeth, look deep into her eyes.

The Eye Contact Techinque

Using eye contact in connection with kisses is powerful. Look your partner in her eyes until your lips touch each other’s, then close your eyes and enjoy.

When you finish the kiss and slowly move your face away from hers, you can look into her eyes again. It is then natural and passionate that your desire rises, and you kiss her again.

Alternatively, wait a while to build up more desire. Kiss her around her throat, neck, and shoulders if it suits the occasion. Then lift her chin with your fingers and look her in the eyes. Increase the intensity of the kiss and follow her jawbones with your fingertips as you kiss her again.


Don’t stress. Instead, continue to enjoy the experience without any goal in mind.

Create Powerful Intimcy

To create stronger contact and intimacy, it’s essential that you have plenty of body contact with your partner when you’re kissing. Among other things, experiment with pushing her up against a wall.

If there is a door nearby, you can create even more excitement by pushing her towards the door. The door will slam and make an exciting noise.

Let Her Hear That you Enjoy it

Also, don’t be afraid to let her hear that you appreciate the kissing through moaning and other sounds of passion. This way, you stimulate another of her senses.

A Very Hot Technique

To suck your woman’s tongue is another technique that is often appreciated. This technique is hot and fits best during or very close to sex.

How to Become Amazing in Bed

Becoming instinctively good at something is not easy. But its definitely a lot easier if you study the topic and learn all the best techniques and ideas. If you are interested in this, I recommend my ultimate guide to become an amazing lover.

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