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How to Cum Hard – The Ultimate Guide to Better Orgasms for Men

How to Cum Hard – The Ultimate Guide to Better Orgasms for Men

How to Cum Hard – The Ultimate Guide to Better Orgasms for Men

In general this website is about learning how to give your woman pleasure. Something that also will be very pleasurable to you. However, in this guide, the focus will be on better orgasms for men.

Here you’ll learn all the best tips on how to cum hard, which actually also will make your woman enjoy the sex even more.

Why Learning How to Come Hard Not Only Will Be Great for You

Just as your partner’s orgasm obviously is important to you, your orgasm and how you cum is very important to your partner. Your partner wants you to enjoy the sex. When she see’s and hears how hard you’re cuming and how much you’re enjoying the sex, she will love it.

Thus learning how to come hard and having a better orgasm, will not only feel great to you. It will also be be very pleasurable for your partner.

Things That Will Make You Cum Harder

To come as hard as possible, you can experiment with the following:

A Long Build Up

First of all, to be able to cum hard you want a long buildup. The longer the buildup the more sexual tension will have to be released once you cum. This will increase the likelihood that you will have a better orgasm and cum hard. Thus having a long build up is a pre requisite for cumming hard.

By having a long buildup means having sex for a long time, but also spending time and building up your arousal during foreplay. If you find it difficult to last for a long time during sex I recommend my guide on lasting longer. And for tips on foreplay I recommend my posts: the definite foreplay guide, foreplay ideas and teasing.


Another great technique to cum hard is the concept of edging. When you’re edging you take yourself as close to orgasm as possible. Then you slow down and decrease your arousal level for a bit until you resume and again reach the edge of orgasm. You can do this for a few times until you decide to let go and finally give in to a very powerful orgasm.

This is something you can practice both on your own and with your woman. Besides making you cum hard, this technique is also great for learning how to last longer and gives your woman plenty of time to have her orgasm. Basically a triple win.

Learning to How to Cum Hard Without Ejaculation and How to Have Multiple Orgasms

Practicing edging is also the way you learn how to have multiple orgasms (yes, it is definitely possible). Orgasm and ejaculation doesn’t have to be the same thing and actually the orgasm occurs slightly before the ejaculation.

Since the ejaculation is what makes you need a break after orgasm, learning how to separate the two and not ejaculate, will make you be able to have multiple orgasms. You do this by strengthening your pc-muscles and learning how to get closer and closer to ejaculation, without ejaculating.

Learning this can take a long time, but it will definitely make you cum hard. If you want to learn more about how to have multiple orgasms I recommend this guide.

The Best Sex Toys for a Powerful orgasm

Sex toys have been highly popular among women for a long time and for some strange reason it’s been a bit taboo for men. Luckily this has changed. Now there’s a wide range of sex toys available for men. If you want to cum harder, I recommend you to take advantage of this.

If you want to try a sex toy that will make you cum hard while you’re alone, I recommend giving a stroker a go. For better orgasms when you’re having sex with your woman, vibrating cock rings or prostate massagers are great. Vibrating cock rings are especially good since they provide stimulation for both you and your woman.

If you’re interested in learning more about the above mentioned sex toys, I recommend these guides on: strokers, prostate massagers and cock rings.

Intensify the Orgasm With Breathing

To reduce distractions and really just be 100 percent focused on the orgasm is also great for making the orgasm more intense. You want to be totally relaxed and in the moment during orgasm.

One way of experimenting with this is by fucking your woman slowly. Inhale deeply and visualize pulling up your orgasm throughout your entire body as you’re cumming.

Experiment with Anal Stimulation

If you are not homophobic and feel comfortable with it, you can try letting your woman give you some anal stimulation with a come here motion towards your stomach. However, make sure your woman is well manicured before, and use lots of lube.

In fact, it is well known that men respond well to this kind of anal stimulation. But because of the homoerotic connection, men are usually not very excited about trying it out.

If you’re not yet comfortable enough to experiment with anal stimulation, you can also try to experiment with perineum stimulation. The perineum is the area between the anal and your balls. Just like the anal it contains a lot of nerve endings. Try stroking it or putting pressure on it in different ways or ask your partner to do it during sex.

Adding Different types of Stimulation

To increase the feeling during orgasm adding extra physical simulation of other areas can create the feeling of a blended orgasm. This could include things like stimulation of balls, nipple stimulation, prostate play or even just kissing. According to a study 51.7 % of all men reported that nipple stimulation increased their arousal.

A special technique that some men have reported being good for a better orgasm is lifting the balls closer to the body. However others seems to prefer tugging of the balls and there’s even sex toys to help out with this.

The only way to know what you prefer, is by having your woman and yourself play around.

Also Experiment With the Following Tips

Use Lube – To have a great orgasm you of course also want to have as pleasurable sex as possible. To have enjoyable sex a lot of people do the mistake on relying on natural lubrication. No need for doing this mistake. A good lube often makes the sex a whole lot better. This is especially true if you’re using condoms.

Live A Healthy Life Style – A bad diet and high alcohol intake may infer with your blood circulation and cause a high blood pressure. This can infer both with your orgasm and erection. A nutrient dense diet and good work out on the other hand will provide a testosterone boost that will be great for your sex life. And according to this study a higher percentage of satisfying orgasms correlated with an improvement in fitness.

Look Into Your Woman’s Eyes – It can be very pleasurable and emotional for you to look deep into your woman’s eyes when you reach orgasm.

If you’re Having Difficulties Cuming

If you are experiencing the inability to reach orgasms at all, medication is an option and you should consult you doctor regarding this.

Studies on the drug cabergoline for treating men with orgasm inability has been carried out with good results. However before using it you should of course get medical advice from your doctor.

Learn How to Cum Harder With PC Muscle Training

Our PC muscles are the muscles that control our pelvic floor. To be able to have orgasm without ejaculation as well as multiple orgasms, pc-muscle training is crucial.

Stronger PC muscles will also make everything from your erection to ejaculation and orgasm more powerful. On top of this, it will give you better control over your ejaculation. Thus if you’re interested in anything of the above, you should train your PC muscles.

As with other muscles, we all have different strength in our PC muscles. And just as you can strengthen your biceps through exercise, you can also train and strengthen your PC muscles. If you constantly challenge yourself as you train them, they will become very strong.

How to Train Your PC-Muscles

You train your pc-muscles by performing different contraction exercises, so-called Kegels. These are performed very easily by first contracting the PC muscle, and then letting go. Something you can do at anytime and anywhere, without any preparation or specific tools.

If you don’t have any previous experience from these exercises, start by peeing. As you pee, you then stop the beam by using the muscles in your pelvis area. The muscles that you use when you stop the pee from coming, are your PC muscles. You are now aware of which muscles you are going to exercise, and ready to start exercising.

Different PC-Muscle Training Programs

As with training of all other muscles, the exercises can be performed in a number of sets and reps. The amount you should start with depends on the basic strength of your muscles.

Some different programs that you can experiment with are:

Contract and hold for a second, then let go, repeat this 50-100 times.

Contract for up to ten seconds and alternate with breaks of about five seconds. Try doing these ten times.

Keep your muscle contracted for three seconds, relax for three seconds and contracted for another three seconds. This can be repeated ten times initially and preferably performed up to three times a day. Also mix these with mini contractions lasting for a second, for example in sets of 20.

More PC-Muscle Training Tips

Eventually, as you become stronger, you should increase the amount of time you hold your contractions and experiment with different variations on the above suggestions.

You can for example vary the sessions between doing a lot of short and a few long contractions. Experimenting with stopping and continuing the pee while peeing is also good.

If you want to test how strong you are, you can start by placing a handkerchief over your hard cock and see if you can lift it up. Then proceed with a wet handkerchief and eventually switch to a wet towel. You can also place a wet cloth on top of your penis when it’s hard and exercise with this as a weight.

There are a variety of mobile applications for training the PC muscles. If you feel that you’re having trouble getting a daily exercise routine going, I recommend that you use one of these.

Using the PC muscle while you’re coming is also something you can experiment with to cum harder. For example, try to hold off from coming until you absolutely can’t do it any longer and then let go, or to push out with the PC muscle.

If you have an open verbal communication with your woman and she also trains her PC muscle, you can experiment with her contracting and tightening the pussy just when you’re about to come. This will for sure make you cum hard.

Enjoy the Orgasm

Once you’re cuming hard, you should be clear with this so your woman sees it and can enjoy the event. Don’t be afraid to make sounds and live out your orgasm.

If a lively female orgasm is something that you appreciate, you surely understand that your partner can appreciate a real male orgasm. But for that matter, you may not always have to give of a super load jungle roar.

Cum Hard in Different Ways

You can also vary your orgasm by coming in a variety of ways.

Cuming Inside Her

The most emotional way for your woman is usually when you fill her with semen. To do this, however, sex without a condom is required.

Before sex without a condom, you should of course always make sure that your woman doesn’t have any STIs. And that she uses some kind of protection unless you’re planning to have kids.

One of the hottest ways to come inside a woman is to fill her with your sperm during G-spot sex. Then keep holding her stuck in the position while you slide out. Let her enjoy having your sperms inside, before releasing the legs and slowly letting the sperms drip out.

Cuming on Her

You can also experiment with cuming on her, something however not all women are open to. When you cum on her, you should first resist as long as possible. This way, you will cum with a big and exciting load. If you plan to cum on her face, be careful not to spray her in the eyes and hair.

Cuming on your women’s face, however, is a technique that you should use sparingly. Unless you notice that she really loves it.

Cuming in Her Mouth

To cum hard in your woman’s mouth can be an amazing feeling. One way of doing this is to have sex until you feel that you’re about to come. Then take out the cock and bring it confidently towards her mouth so she starts to suck you off. Alternatively, you more or less fuck or jerk of into her mouth.

However, as you take out your cock you should insert your fingers and continue fingering her. That way, your partner will continue to enjoy it and even associate the pleasure with your cock in her mouth. Since she is enjoying herself, her will to take your load in her mouth is going to increase.

You can also grab her own hand and bring it towards the clit so she can help herself. Hopefully your woman will reach orgasm, or at least feel strong enjoyment, while she takes your seeds in her mouth. She thus connects these things and becomes even more eager to do it next time.

If you notice that your woman is not very keen on taking the sperm in her mouth, you can instead give her a breast or facial painting.

Fuck Her Like She Never Has Been Fucked Before

In this blog post you have learned lots of great tips on how you can cum Harder. If you are interested in continuing your journey, I recommend: The Master Key – My Ultimate Guide to Become an Amazing Lover.

In The Master Key you’ll learn how to fuck your woman like she’s never been fucked before, and how to make her cum harder than ever before.

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