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How to be More Masculine – 12 Powerful Tips to Become More Masculin

How to be More Masculine – 12 Powerful Tips to Become More Masculin

How to be More Masculine – 12 Powerful Tips to Become More Masculin

Do you want to feel confident and capable? Do you want to attract high-quality women? The answer is surprisingly simple, the only thing you have to do is to become more masculine.

As men, we all have a natural masculine side, but sometimes we suppress that side. That destructive behavior stops now. Instead, follow my guide on how to be more masculine. You will be surprised by the result.

Both men and women respond very positively to authentic masculine energy.

Have an Exercise Regime you are Happy About

There is no way around this point, so let us get it out of the way.

A fit man is more manly. You cannot reach your full masculine potential without working out regularly, and yes, I mean at least 3 times a week.

So, when you ask how to become more masculine it’s important that you find an exercise regime you are happy about. By having fun when you work out those muscles, you are much more likely to be successful. A masculine man knows the importance of taking care of his body.

Become More Masculine by Practicing the Right Sport

A great way to get that workout in and even further increase your masculinity is to learn martial arts. By fighting (even if it’s just for fun) your testosterone levels will increase, and you will naturally ooze of masculine energy. And just by knowing that you know how to fight, you will become much more confident in a manly way.
If the women around you know it as well, they will look at you in a different way.

Become an Adventurer

Other manly sports are adventure sports, for example, climbing or surfing. When you do these kinds of sport your body release adrenaline and you connect more with your masculine energy. You become braver.

Think about how masculine it is to, for example, climb Mount Everest. Now you of course don’t have to climb Mount Everest, but this is the kind of adventure spirit you want to channel. Be the hero in your own life.

Be Assertive

To be masculine is about knowing who you are and what you want. When you know these two things you become more assertive in all areas of life.

When you have goals and passion you become better at prioritizing. You don’t waste time on things that don’t support your overall goal.

You should be the doer in your own life, you should be in control. You can practice this muscle by being more assertive in the small decisions you make every day. Be clear about what movie you want to watch, where you want to go for dinner, and how you want to spend your Saturday evening.

Practice clarity in all your decisions.

Reflect on What you Want to Achieve

Most men don’t take the time to reflect on who they are and where they want to go. But a masculine man knows exactly where his priorities lie.

To become more assertive, it’s important that you sit with yourself and reflect on what you want to achieve in the next 3 months and in the next year.

By having a clear plan, you will become more assertive and more masculine.

Plant your Seeds

Feminine energy is about nurturing, masculine energy is about planting seeds and creating empires. Be brave enough to dream big.

Fear is most likely what’s stopping you. Take a couple of hours and reflect over your fears. To know your fears is in fact masculine. Especially if you still spring into action, despite the fear.

Being manly is about being active and doing things.

Challenge Yourself

All truly manly men have undertaken huge challenges. To thrive in the face of challenge is the hallmark for anyone looking for ways on how to be more masculine.

To learn new skills is inherently masculine. Examples of how to challenge yourself are learning a new language, moving to a new country, or signing up for a cooking class if you are not already a good cook. Yes, it is manly to be able to cook. Invite your woman over and treat her to one of your signature dishes.

Tip – You should have at least 3 signature dishes

Crack open a cold beer and show her that you know your way around the kitchen as you treat her to a delicious dinner. Women love this and so will you.

To be able to dance is, surprisingly enough, very masculine, so do sign up for a salsa class. You will learn how to lead a woman and that will spill over to all areas of your life.

Dress the Part and Groom up Nicely

Most men underestimate the importance of being well-groomed and well-dressed. A masculine man knows that his presence in the world is worth a lot of care.

You don’t buy an expensive apartment with an amazing view and fill it with cheap furniture. No, you get luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets for that king-size bed. The same principle holds true for your clothes and your overall appearance. However its not that its expensive that’s important, its that its purposefully.

Carry yourself with presence

By dressing nicely and with care, you show yourself and the world that you are worthy. You take up space.

Also, work on your overall presence; stand tall, shoulders back and chin held high. Speak slowly and forcefully

Connect With Other Men

Masculine men are not afraid of other men. Masculine men often search out the company of other men to become challenged and inspired.

Don’t shy away from men that are more successful than you, instead look at them as mentors. Being around other men and connecting with them will fuel your own masculine energy.

Cultivate your friendships with other men

Work actively towards having other male friends. Friendships, just like any other relationship, require a conscious effort. Seek out activities where you meet other men and treat those men as equals.

Work on your Confidence

You probably want to know how to be masculine to better attract high-quality women. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, becoming more attractive is an excellent goal in itself.

When women mention what kind of qualities they appreciate in a man, one of the top 3 is always confidence.

It’s hard to imagine a man being masculine but not confident, those two qualities go hand in hand.

You develop confidence by setting goals for yourself and sticking to them. It is really that simple. Confidence is all about the trust you have in yourself.

Develop your sense of humor

Another sweet male quality is a good sense of humor. A real man is humble and can laugh at himself. He knows how to lighten the situation with the right joke.

To be able to have a good sense of humor actually goes with not being too invested in your emotions. You can see things from the outside and you can always see the bigger picture. You know that life’s ups and downs are worth laughing at.
A great way to learn or become better at something is to study the greats within their field, in this area, you can do this by watching stand-up comedians.

Be vulnerable

Yes, I’m going to go there, because your emotions are an equally important part of your masculine energy. It is a misconception that repressing your emotions is mainly.

When done right, being vulnerable is masculine. We connect with other humans, both men and women, by sharing our truth and our darkest fears. It takes a lot of bravery to be vulnerable.

Many women regard it as manly to be sensitive, empathetic, romantic, and passionate. Don’t overlook those qualities when you ask how to be masculine.

Be authentic when you express emotion

Authenticity is not easy to narrow down. But we all instinctively know when someone is authentic.

You probably intuitively feel when you are being less authentic. Try and move your behavior towards being more authentic and as a result, you will become more manly.

Take some time and ask yourself who is the most authentic man you know. Try to figure out why you think he is authentic.

Those are the qualities you want to cultivate.

Become an amazing lover

Trust me on this one, when you know that you can deliver in the bedroom you will automatically feel more masculine.

There is a certain confidence that comes from knowing, without a doubt, that you are an amazing lover. You will feel more confident approaching women and flirting in general. It’s not about getting something from her. You will know that you are the prize. That you are going to give her an amazing experience.

How to Become an Amazing Lover

As men, we don’t grow up learning about sex. Here at The Pleasure Key, we train men to become amazing lovers. We give you all the secret tricks and powerful tools that will drive any woman crazy.

Being a great lover is part of being a masculine man. To learn exactly how to become an amazing lover I recommend: The Ultimate Guide to Become an Amazing Lover – The Master Key.

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