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How to Be More Confident in Bed as a Man – All the Best Tips

How to Be More Confident in Bed as a Man – All the Best Tips

How to Be More Confident in Bed as a Man – All the Best Tips

To be confident in bed is an important part of being a good lover. It is also part of the foundation to becoming an amazing lover. In this post I will share all the best actionable tips on how to be more confident in bed as a man. Let me first give you a quick answer.

To become more confident in bed as a man, you should study how to make women feel pleasure in bed. Knowing this will make you more competent in bed. You can then practice from a competent position and when you see all the pleasure you are capable of giving, you will become more confident in bed.

Now lets dive into exactly what you can do to not just become more confident, but to become highly confident in bed. If you are a man who’s interested in becoming more confident in bed, this blog post is for you.

Why you Should Become More Confident in Bed

Confidence is sexy both inside the bedroom and outside. Self-confidence is also one of the most important features for creating attraction. Thus sexual self-confidence will dramatically increase your attractiveness in the bedroom. The more attraction that the woman feels for you, the more she will love the sex.

By having self-confidence in bed as a man, you can also both let go of your inner passion and lead your partner to unleash hers.

Women love being with a man that’s confident in bed. If you ever been with a woman that’s confident in bed, you probably know why. Confidence in bed is not only hot for women.

However since most women are submissive in bed it’s extra hot for them. They love it when the man knows how to lead during sex. To be able to lead, you have to have sexual confidence.

Protect Your Relationship From Cheating

A positive side effect of being a sexually self confident man, is that it will help to protect your relationship from affairs. The most common reasons why women choose to cheat, are

That they don’t feel sexually satisfied.

That they don’t feel loved and paid attention to as a woman.

Or that their man accuses them of infidelity. He then indirectly train them to infidelity. Something the man do because he lacks sexual self-confidence.

If you are in a good relationship, have a lot of sexual self-confidence, satisfy your partner, and court her in the ways you can read about in my posts on foreplay: the definite foreplay guide and foreplay tips. Then she will not have any desire or reason to be unfaithful.

To Not Feel Confident is Natural

Before giving you different tips on how you can become more confident in bed, I first want to point out that its totally natural to not feel confident in bed. Actually, most men feel some kind of anxiety or nervousness around sex.

Confidence is often situational specific. This means that even if you are totally confident in one area of your life, you can still lack confidence in another area, such as sex. Unless you actually already studied sex, its natural that you are not confident in bed.

Improve Your Confidence in Bed by Becoming Better in Bed

To be confident about something we need to be comfortable doing it and competent that what we are doing is right. By studying and learning things that you can do to make women feel more pleasure in bed, you will become competent at sex. To learn these things, I recommend starting out with my posts; sex tips for men, how to get better in bed and how to take charge in bed.

By reading these post you will increase your competence. If you want to continue study and become highly competent in bed, I recommend The Master Key.

Practice Makes Perfect

However, its not only enough to study. Once you have studied and learned how to give women amazing experiences, you also need to practice. This way you will become comfortable. Being comfortable and competent is what will make you confident in bed as a man.

To practice you need to have sex, the more the merrier.

Since a lot of women like different things, it’s also important to pay attention to what your woman like as you try out different techniques.

How to Get Practice

To have a lot of sex it’s great to have a girlfriend or just hook up with a lot of women. If you feel like it could be good to get some tips on how to meet and attract women I recommend my posts; how to master tinder and the top books on attracting women.

If you’ve been taking advantage of everything that The Pleasure Keys has to offer, you don’t need to feel as if you’re after sex from women. It’s women who will receive amazing experiences from you.

By then having sex from a competent position and practicing all the information that you have learned, you will become very confident in bed.

Overcoming Your Specific Problems

If your lack of confidence in bed is specific to a certain thing, you should read up on this particular thing. Learn how to overcome the problem. This can for example be things like learning how to last longer. If this is a problem for you, you can check out my post; how to last longer in bed.

In the trouble shooting bonus to The Master Key, I have solutions to the most common problems men experience in bed.

Become More Confident in Bed by Boosting Your Everyday Confidence

Even though confidence can be specific to different situations, it never hurts to increase your overall self confidence. One great way of doing this is to step out of your comfort zone more often.

Stepping out of ones comfort zone can be done by just trying out new things and changing ones everyday routine. This doesn’t need to be huge changes, just doing small changes can improve your confidence.

The best way to step out of your comfort zone is to try out new activities. Why not make a list of things you’ve been interested in trying out. Maybe even include a few things that you haven’t been interested in trying, but you still are curious about. Then go ahead and give it a go.

Become More Comfortable in Bed by Working Out

If you’re not already doing some kind of exercise, working out is also good for men to become more comfortable in bed. Not because you need to have an extremely fit body to be confident in bed.

Being good in bed and being confident in bed as a man really has nothing to do with having a fit body. But when you start working out, you will become more in touch with your body. This will make you more comfortable using it. Gym, yoga, running, any type of exercise is good exercise.

Increasing Your Confidence in Bed as a Man if You are in a Relationship

If you already are in a relationship and don’t feel confident in bed, everything written in this blog also pertains to you. You should increase your competence as described above. Since you are in a relationship it will then be easy for you to practice and your woman will love it.

If you are in a relationship you also have the possibility of talking about sex with your partner. I don’t recommend asking your partner what she likes while you are having sex. This can be a turn off. But the afterglow is a great time to talk with your partner and find out what she likes. According to research couples who have a proactive approach to their sex life, have a better sex life.

Don’t Do It

When it comes to recommendations for improving self esteem, positive thinking and affirmations like “I can do this” are often recommended. However, to become more confident in bed as a man, I would recommend you to not use this.

Since these types of thought are used to become more confident, they are a sign that you are having problems and that you’re not completely comfortable. As long as you continue to use them you will never be completely comfortable. Instead you should focus on just relaxing and enjoying the experience.

Making Mistakes is Natural

When you are having sex and as you practice to become more confident in bed you should know that its ok to be nervous. And its ok to make mistakes. Even the best athletes in the world have bad games.

Mistakes happens to everyone and are nothing to stress over. Meet the mistakes with humor and a relaxed manor, and they will not affect you negatively.

Taking yourself to seriously and thinking that you are a pro without flaws is not a winning concept. Be humble and deal with pressure and mistakes with humor and a relaxed attitude. Sex is about enjoying not performing.

How to Become Really Fucking Good in Bed

The best way to become more confident in bed as a man, is to become amazing in bed. By knowing that you are really fucking good in bed and that you can give women more pleasure than they ever experienced before, you will become highly confident in bed.

If you want to become this type of man, I highly recommend my ultimate guide to become an amazing lover – The Master Key.

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